Downloadable Conference Presentations

Below are copies of recent research posters and presentations that members of our lab have presented at conferences. Please help yourself!


ADAA 2018 Presentations

Slides: Master Clinician seminar on Interoceptive exposure for OCD

Slides: Inhibitory learning exposure workshop

Exposure practice form

Poster: Spider phobia

Poster: health anxiety

Poster: Treatment of OCD


ABCT 2017 Workshop on Interoceptive Exposure

Body Vigilance Scale

Anxiety Sensitivity Index

Exposure therapy form

Fight or flight response handout


International OCD Foundation 2016

Powerpoints: Exposure Therapy / Inhibitory Learning workshop

Powerpoints: Interoceptive exposure workshop

Powerpoints: Couple therapy for BDD workshop

Handouts: Inhibitory Learning Exposure Form; Expectancy tracking exposure form; ASI-3; Body Vigilance Scale


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 2015

Poster: Can’t settle for good enough: Perfectionism, uncertainty, and self efficacy in the context of maladaptive schemas and obsessive beliefs

Poster: Screening Utility of the Dimensional Obsessive-Compulsive Scale in OCD Assessment

Poster: Fearful responding to the Ebola outbreak: Further examining the role of disgust in health anxiety


Clinical Connections on Panic/Agoraphobia at Durham JCC

Handout: Physiology of anxiety and panic

Handout: Self-monitoring 3 systems of anxiety and panic


International OCD Foundation conference 2015

Poster: Diagnosing obsessive-compulsive disorder: Diagnostic validity of the DOCS scale


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies conference 2014

Poster: Stuck in my head: Musical obsessions and psychological flexibility

Poster: What predicts fear of contamination? 

Poster: Relating cognitive fusion to obsessive-compulsive symptom dimensions


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies conference 2013

Poster: Body vigilance across obsessive-compulsive symptom dimensions

Poster: Psychological mechanisms in obsessive-compulsive disorder: The role of intolerance of uncertainty

Poster: Investigating contributions of emotion reactivity and distress tolerance to health anxiety symptoms

Paper: “Yasmina”: Behavioral conceptualization and treatment plan

Paper: Predictors of OCD symptom dimensions: Obsessional beliefs and experiential avoidance


International OCD Foundation Conference 2013

Poster: Behavioral measurement of intolerance of uncertainty in OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, and other anxiety disorders


Anxiety and Depression Association of America Conference 2013

Poster: “Not just right experiences”: relationships with obsessive-compulsive symptoms and obsessive beliefs in a clinical sample