Current Projects

Our lab is  conducting research in the following areas:


  • Postpartum OCD We have been awarded research grants from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the International OCD Foundation to conduct studies on postpartum OCD.
  • Outcome and mechanisms of exposure therapy – We are interested in how to improve the efficacy of exposure therapy for anxiety and OCD. Current studies focus on the therapeutic relationship, homework adherence, and ways of enhancing exposure therapy using an ACT and inhibitory learning approaches.
  • Cognitive biases and other factors in OCD and other anxiety-related problems – We are interested in the cognitive biases and other factors that maintain OCD and other related problems and have published numerous studies on these topics. A recent study examined biases contributing to OCD symptoms during COVID-19. Another looked at how perceptions of uncertainty and risk contribute to the perception of threat in common situations.  Some of our current studies examine the relationship between racial discrimination and OCD symptoms, sleep and OCD symptoms, the overlap between PTSD and OCD, the role of guilt in OCD and anxiety, and possible associations between OCD and dissociation experiences.

Check out some of our most recent journal articles based on these studies here.