Downloadable Conference Presentations

Below are copies of recent research posters and presentations that members of our lab have presented at conferences. Please help yourself!

ABCT 2020

Therapist Beliefs about Exposure Scale (TBES)


ABCT 2019 Presentations

Poster: Sleep disturbance as a potential link in the coheremce of depressive and obsessive-compulsive symptoms

Poster: Guilt and cognitive fusion as potential pathways linking OC symptoms and depression

Poster: Excessive guilt and guilt sensitivity deferentially augment the cognitive-behavioral model of OC symptoms…

Poster: Examining and mediating and moderating roles of distress tolerance in the relationship between anxiety, depression…

Poster: Examining potential links in the relationship between sleep disturbance…

Expectancy tracking exposure form


IOCDF 2019 Presentations

Research poster: Guilt and cognitive fusion linking OCD and depression

Research poster: Insomnia and OC symptoms

Research poster: Responsibility attitudes and perceived stress in perinatal OC symptoms

Presentation: CBT for OCD: An Update

Presentation: Inhibitory learning exposure


IOCDF 2018 Presentations

Slides: Family Affair: Involving A Partner in ERP for OCD


ADAA 2018 Presentations

Slides: Master Clinician seminar on Interoceptive exposure for OCD

Slides: Inhibitory learning exposure workshop

Exposure practice form

Poster: Spider phobia

Poster: health anxiety

Poster: Treatment of OCD


ABCT 2017 Workshop on Interoceptive Exposure

Body Vigilance Scale

Anxiety Sensitivity Index

Exposure therapy form

Fight or flight response handout


International OCD Foundation 2016

Powerpoints: Exposure Therapy / Inhibitory Learning workshop

Powerpoints: Interoceptive exposure workshop

Powerpoints: Couple therapy for BDD workshop

Handouts: Inhibitory Learning Exposure Form; Expectancy tracking exposure form; ASI-3; Body Vigilance Scale


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 2015

Poster: Can’t settle for good enough: Perfectionism, uncertainty, and self efficacy in the context of maladaptive schemas and obsessive beliefs

Poster: Screening Utility of the Dimensional Obsessive-Compulsive Scale in OCD Assessment

Poster: Fearful responding to the Ebola outbreak: Further examining the role of disgust in health anxiety


Clinical Connections on Panic/Agoraphobia at Durham JCC

Handout: Physiology of anxiety and panic

Handout: Self-monitoring 3 systems of anxiety and panic


International OCD Foundation conference 2015

Poster: Diagnosing obsessive-compulsive disorder: Diagnostic validity of the DOCS scale


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies conference 2014

Poster: Stuck in my head: Musical obsessions and psychological flexibility

Poster: What predicts fear of contamination? 

Poster: Relating cognitive fusion to obsessive-compulsive symptom dimensions


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies conference 2013

Poster: Body vigilance across obsessive-compulsive symptom dimensions

Poster: Psychological mechanisms in obsessive-compulsive disorder: The role of intolerance of uncertainty

Poster: Investigating contributions of emotion reactivity and distress tolerance to health anxiety symptoms

Paper: “Yasmina”: Behavioral conceptualization and treatment plan

Paper: Predictors of OCD symptom dimensions: Obsessional beliefs and experiential avoidance


International OCD Foundation Conference 2013

Poster: Behavioral measurement of intolerance of uncertainty in OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, and other anxiety disorders


Anxiety and Depression Association of America Conference 2013

Poster: “Not just right experiences”: relationships with obsessive-compulsive symptoms and obsessive beliefs in a clinical sample